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Welcome to my website. Consider this digital space as a place to connect. Feel free to stay for awhile. If you like what you see, let's connect! Shoot me a message. 


I bought a low end DSLR camera eight years ago. Little did I know, one purchase would lead into a way for me to encourage, create, inspire, and ultimately give back to the community. It actually all started from my (sometimes) rebellious nature. I lived in Dallas/Fort Worth where high-end senior photography usually landed you in the $1,500+ price range just for a session, not including prints. To that I said, "absolutely not." Next thing you know, I am checking out at Sam's Club with a camera in tow. Fast forward to now, my dream has become reality as God has blessed with me with clients willing to come alongside my dream. 


I have my Master's in Business Administration. I played college golf & spent two years as an assistant golf coach during my masters program. When I am not working, you can usually find me on the golf course or camping/hiking with friends. 

My goal is simple. Create quality photography and give back to the community along the way.


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Does this look a little weird? I am currently updating my website to make it fabulous for you. Come back soon. XOXO -LM


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